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  1. 2017.2.8

    kidzania – a children’s city to work and earn money!!!

    Are you coming to Japan with kids and lo…

  2. 2016.12.30

    Decorations in New Year time in Japan

    New Year is the biggest holiday in Japan…

  3. 2016.12.5

    Rice cake pounding is exciting!!!

    Have you seen anything like this bef…

  4. 2016.11.28

    In vitro fertilization -IVF

    In vitro fertilization, short for IVF, i…

  5. 2016.11.23

    Vaccinations in Japan

    Not many people like to get shots. It p…

  6. 2016.11.23

    plum wine – umeshu

    Japanese people enjoy Plum wine called U…

  1. Intrauterine insemination – IUI
  2. Timed intercourse – the first, simple option
  3. Medical care in Japan ~A page from a Travel guide book (2)
  4. Medical care in Japan ~A page from a Travel guide book (1)

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Pharmacy, drug store, is where you get your medicine. In bigger place…

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