Appointment-base or walk-in???

In Japan, there are medical facilities that accept patients on appointment-base, and there are many hospitals and clinics that you can walk in for treatment and consultation without appointment.
You should check with the clinic to see if you need to set up an appointment or you can walk in beforehand.

You would usually need appointment to see

-psychologist/mental health specialist
-doctors in general hospital
-fertility doctor
-other specialists



You could normally walk in to see

-internal medicine doctor1

If you set up your appointment

Many Japanese hospitals and clinics utilize appointment-only policy to minimize the patients’ waiting time and regulate the number of the patients.
Appointment slots are usually set up in 10-30 minute frames.4

Remember that promptness is highly emphasized in Japan more than other countries.
Try to arrive to your hospital on time.

If you are going to be late for more only 5 minutes for whatever reason, you should call and let them know that you are arriving a bit late.

In some facilities with very strict time rules, they might not let you receive treatment if you come in late!




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