Patient ID Card “shinsatsu-ken”

In Japan, many hospitals and clinics issue patient ID cards called “shinsatsu-ken”.

It usually has the basic information about the clinic and your name with your issued ID number.

When you call to make an appointment after the 1st visit or to ask a question, you need to tell your patient ID number to the receptionist you will be speaking with on the phone, so that the receptionist can find your medical card easily.4

Obviously, you will need to submit your patient ID card at the receptionist counter when you go into your clinic.

They might even write the date for your next appointment on the back of your card for reminder.


The receptionist will ask “Shinsatsu-ken o omochi desuka?”, meaning “do you have your patient ID card?”

Try not to lose it.

When you want to call or figure out when the hospital is open, your ID card is a great too!





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