Chopsticks are called “hashi” in Japanese.

Japanese people use chopsticks to eat basically anything.
It is only 2 skinny sticks, but you can scoop, cut, pick up and poke things with a pair of chopsticks!

Even kids start using chopsticks around 4 or 5 in Japan.
At first, kids get frustrated because it does not come naturally.
It takes practice to get used to it and be able to eat without spilling food.

This picture shows how to hold, move and use the chopsticks.

(That Extra Bit Of Wood On Your Chopsticks Is There For A Very Good Reason)

If you are not used to it, it might be very hard to complete a meal with the chopsticks..
Some people use it so that one bite would be smaller with chopsticks than with a spoon or fork!
It might work great as a diet plan!

Many restaurants have disposable chopsticks called “Wari-bashi”.
They are stuck in pairs with a split in the middle, so pull them apart.
Here you have a set of chopsticks.

If you are environmental conscious, you can carry your own set of chopsticks and use them at any restaurant.
That way, there is one less pair of chopsticks to be thrown away!

If you are not comfortable in using chopsticks at a meal, you can ask for a spoon and/or fork.
Japanese people would not get offended because they know it is not that easy!
However, Japanese people would definitely love to see you try and enjoy it!




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