curtain or not???

Nobody really likes to get on the examination table/chair for vaginal ultrasound in OBGYN.

In Japan, the examination room might look different.


It is because many facilities have curtains drawn between the patient on the examination chair and the doctor.

Many people appreciate having the curtain because they just don’t feel comfortable during the examination. Others would rather not to use the curtain because they want to communicate with the doctor, and they want to know what is going on.

Many OBGYNs in Japan would draw the curtain, but if you would rather go through the exam, you should let your doctor know. Doctors don’t really care either way, so it is your choice!

Japanese OBGYNs are aware that there are not curtains used between patients and doctor in ultrasound examination in other countries. Your OBGYN might even ask if you would like the curtain drawn or now.

不要であれば それを医師に伝えてみてください。



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