Eye exam

In many western countries, this chart is used in eye exams.

You are asked to read off the letters on the 5th or 6th line of this chart.
If you couldn’t, you are asked to read bigger letters.

In Japan, the chart for eye exams looks like this.

You will be asked to cover one eye with an occluder and tell where the opening of the highlighted or pointed signal on the chart is.

For example, when you are asked to say where the opening of this one above is, you would say “LEFT!”.

It looks like a letter “C”, but that is NOT the right answer!
Young kids would use their finger to point up, down, right or left on eye exams, instead of voicing where the opening is.

You don’t need to get nervous!
Take your time.
Look at the pointed signal and see where the opening is.


視力検査のシステムが 日本と海外諸国では違います。



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