Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information

When you need to look for a medical facility in Tokyo metropolitan area, and you don’t know Japanese, you might find it very difficult and stressful.

Even if you find a clinic nearby, the clinic might not have any English-speaking personnel.

Himawari ( Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center ) is a great international search engine to look for a medical facility that are suitable for international visitors in Tokyo area.2

You can search hospitals and clinics by location or station, and you can call to get help to find a hospital or clinic.


In Japan, English language is studied in middle school and high school, but many Japanese people feel incompetent in speaking English.

Many doctors will be competent, but nurses and receptionists might not be comfortable in English at all.

It is recommended to check the English level of the clinic you are visiting ahead of time so that you will get the best care!





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