Japanese Language

You don’t speak Japanese?
No worries!!

Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages to learn!
Japanese people would be very grateful and excited if you learned and said even some simple words or phrases in Japanese to them, but they would totally understand even if you did not speak Japanese much!

Japanese people are fully aware of how hard it is to travel to a foreign country and have to communicate in a foreign language, especially in a medical setting!


Useful Japanese Phrases For Travelers
Here are some Japanese words and phrases that you might want to know!
Hello — Kon-nichiwa
Thank you — Arigato
How are you? — Ogenki desuka?
Nice to meet you — Hajimemashite
I am sorry — sumimasen
Excuse me (to get attention) — sumimasen
Please — onegai shimasu
Japan — nihon
Japanese language — nihon-go
Japanese people — nihon-jin


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