kidzania – a children’s city to work and earn money!!!

Are you coming to Japan with kids and looking for a great fun place for your kids???

Here is one place you should definitely consider!!

KidZania is a pretend city that kids can try real jobs and earn their currency (even in English)!!!

Parents are not allowed to go in and help out.

Zupervisors (their supervisors) at each job location guide a group of kids through all the necessary steps to complete a task.

They even put on a professional uniform and use realistic equipment!!!

How old does a child need to be to get in??

From 3 years to 15 years old.
Kids at 3 might be still too young to be away from their parents to try activities, and there are some jobs that have other requirements such as ability to read.

Check the availability here —>reservation

You can make a reservation 3 months ahead!!!
You will be surprised how packed this place is even on weekdays, so check your calendar and purchase your tickets soon!!

They are making some changes in
Admission fees in April 2017.

Where is it??
It is one in Tokyo – access
and another one in Hyogo — access

English activities
They have activities that your non-Japanese speaking kids can fully enjoy!!

Earning money
Upon finishing “working”, kids get paid the local currency “kidZo”.

There are some activities that cost some kidZos!

Kids can open up a bank account and learn to save some money!!

Kids have an amazing time.

Many kids visit kidzania many times because they are so many different jobs, and one visit does not give you enough time to try them all.

Parents can sit back and dream about what your kids might become one day….




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