Wearing a medical mask in public

In the winter time, you will see many people wearing a mask to cover their nose and mouth in public.

Many international visitors get puzzled at this because medical masks are usually in a lab or medical facilities in many countries.


In Japan, masks are one of the common items in the winter to prevent the common colds and flu from spreading around.

People wear a mask so that they do not get contagious disease.
If they already get it and are coughing and sneezing, people wear it trying not to give the disease to anyone else around them.

People might look at you funny if you are coughing and sneezing in public without wearing a mask!!

Sometimes, masks are social barrier among people to avoid communication, intentionally or not.

海外では、ラボや医療機関のみで使われるマスクですが、日本では風邪などの感染症を予防するため、そして 自分が感染症にかかった時に それをほかの人に移してしまわないようにマスクをつけています。



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