In case of emergency

When you encounter a serious medical emergency and need medical attention immediately,
you dial [119] for emergency assistance services in Japan.

The emergency number 119 is to call fire brigade and emergency medical services in Japan,
and [110] is to report or ask for police assistance.

They are for emergency situations only!!

The good thing about these services in Japan is that they are free.

They are also very reliable and very responsive.

Ambulance, fire truck, and police cars will arrive within a few minutes wherever you are in Japan!

They save many people’s lives every day, so call these emergency numbers only when necessary.

If you see these service vehicles on street, be aware because they are suppose to have right of way.

You will notice that people and cars stop and move over to the sides of the road so that the emergency vehicles can get through and even go in the red light.


日本で 非常事態で医療的なケアが必要な場合には、119番をしてください。
119番は、消防と救急の番号で、警察に電話をしなければいけないときは 110番です。



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