Ningen Dock??

In Japan, many large hospitals provide complete medical checkup called “Ningen(human) Dock”.

The purpose of this full-course medical checkup include; 1
1- ensuring the good health, and
2- detect any abnormalities in body


In Japan, companies are required to arrange for their employees to take a standard medical checkup annually.

However, this “ningen dock” includes more extensive, thorough examinations, and different facilities offer different courses of complete medical checkup exams. Diagnostic test such as CT scan, PET scan, MRI are offered to detect any signs of disease.

Since these executive exams are not covered by the health insurance, they can cost over $1,000 in total.

The standard physical checkup normally takes only for one hour or so, but you might have to be stay at the hospital for a day or two.


If you can find a sign of disease early, you have a better chance of treating it! The survival rate is always high with the early stage of disease.

That is the main purpose of the executive medical checkup.
Although it costs $1000 to take the whole course of exams, it might actually save your life.




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