Okonomi-yaki is Japanese-style pancake made from egges, flour, water with many different toppings, but it is not sweet pancakes.

You can put shredded cabbage mixed with a variety of items such as meat, cheese squid, octopus….

Dried tuna fish called “katsuo-bushi”, and dried seaweed called “aosa” or also called “ao-nori” are often sprinkled with special sauce and mayonnaise spread all over it.


Japanese people like to cook their Okonomi-yaki on their electric griddle at the table as they talk and eat.
The cooking itself is fun too, so Japanese people often have Okonomi-yaki party at home with friends and family.

Okonomi-yaki is not as well-known outside of Japan as Sushi, but it is definitely something that international visitors should try!

お好み焼きは、卵、小麦粉、水と様々なトッピングでつくる、パンケーキのような食べ物です。せん切りされたキャベツとお肉やチーズ、イカやタコなどを混ぜてつくります。ソースとマヨネーズをかけて、鰹節やアオサ(青のり)を振りかけて食べます。ホットプレートで お話をしながら、テーブルで作りながら食べるのが楽しくて、お好み焼きパーティーなども行われるくらいです。



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