Pickled plum

Have you heard of “umeboshi”?

It is one of the Japanese traditional foods.
It is simply pickled Japanese apricot/plum2.

It is usually red or orange color, and it is VERY (surprisingly) sour and salty!!!
There are some umeboshi that are rather sweet.

They are usually served as side dishes for rice or eaten on rice balls (often without removing the pit) for breakfast and lunch.

Rice balls are very popular for lunch, and umeboshi is inside the rice.
Umeboshi works well also as an antibacterial to keep the food from spoiling.

Umeboshi has high concentration of citric acid, and it is good when you are tired or have hangover.

赤やオレンジ色で 非常に酸っぱく、塩辛い食べ物ですが、少し甘めのものもあります。
ご飯の横にあったり お昼ご飯としてよく食べられるおにぎりの具として 梅干が入っていることが一般的です。
梅干は 殺菌作用があり 食べ物が腐ってしまったりするのを防いでくれます。



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