plum wine – umeshu

Japanese people enjoy Plum wine called Ume-shu.
Have you tasted really good plum wine???

Ume is Japanese plum%e6%a2%85


Shu is simply “alcohol” or “liquor” in English.


%e6%a2%85%ef%bc%91     Some people make their own home-made plum wine.

It only needs green plums, rock sugar, and white liquor.

You just wait for rock sugar to melt and for plum extract to come out, for over 6 months.

It is very simple to make, and the most difficult part of it is to wait for over 6 months!!!

Many people love nice aroma and sweet taste of plum wine!!

小堀酒造店 萬歳楽 加賀梅酒 720ml

梅酒は 日本のおいしいお酒で
簡単に作れるので 手作りする人も多いですね。



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