Public Transportaion

Public transportation system is great in Japan, especially in metropolitan areas.
In Tokyo, it is only one person in 4-5 people who owns a car.

You can get anywhere in Tokyo by train, subway, bus or a bike, and it is expensive to own a car because you will have to pay for the parking everywhere you go in Tokyo.

In places farther away from Tokyo, having a car is more convenient and even necessary in rural areas.

You might not feel comfortable at first to take a public transportation, but it is a great experience that you will enjoy in Japan.

There are so many different lines, and you will have to transfer from one train line to another to get to your destiny.

It might look complicated, but you will get used to it soon.

The promptness of Japanese train system is very famous.
You can usually depend on their timeliness.

Japan’s public transportation are kept well and very clean too.
You rarely see trash or bad mannered passengers on a train or bus.

You will feel comfortable and safe!


This card in the picture above is called “suica”.
It is an electronic swiping card.
Once you charge money onto this card ahead of time, all you need to do is to swipe this card on the machine when you get in or out of the gate.
The machine at the gate will calculate the fee and deduct it from your card.

You don’t have to buy your tickets at the vending machine every time you want to take a train or bus.




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