Referral to a specialist

In many countries, you have to see a GP – general physician to get a referral to a specialist.
In other words, you have to have a referral to get a specific treatment from a specialist.

Japanese hospital system is set up in a similar way.
If you want to see a specialist in a large hospital, you will normally need a referral.

Specialists in general hospitals are to treat patient with rare, severe or difficult condition.
When you want to see a specialist in a larger hospital, you might have to wait for a few months before you can actually be seen by the specialist.
In addition, on the day that you have an appointment, expect long waiting time when you go in.

They don’t charge you more in big hospitals, but it is just more time…

If your condition is not that severe and treatable with some help of local physician, you are supposed to go see a physician in a smaller size clinic.

That will save you a lot of time.

諸外国では、ホームドクターにまず見てもらい、そこで紹介状をもらわないと 専門家に診てもらえないようになっているところが多いと思いますが、日本も同じようなシステムです。



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