Soba is “buckwheat noodles” and one of the most popular Japanese foods.
It tastes good dipped in a soba sauce as well as in a warm soup.
Soba is definitely one of the popular lunch choices.

However, some people are allergic to Soba, and soba allergies can be very serious to the extent that it can be fetal!!!


Sapporo, a city in Hokkaido, the northern island, has a soba restaurant association, and they created a skin patch test to see if you are allergic to Soba with the design of Kabuki art!

(Check if you have a soba allergy with these amazing ukiyoe-print temporary tattoos!)

International visitors who have never had soba and would like to try soba are recommended to put the skin patch on your arm for test!

If the red color on the Kabuki art comes out, that is the sign of soba allergies!!!



蕎麦は アレルギーを持つ人がおり、アレルギーを持っている人がそばを食べてしまうと、深刻なことになることもあるようです。そこで、札幌のそば屋さんの連合が、歌舞伎のデザインのパッチテストを作成したようです。外国人が初めてそばを食べる前に、アレルギーがないかチェックするときに、楽しいツールです。



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