Sushi is one of the MOST famous traditional Japanese foods.
It consists of vinegared rice with nicely sliced piece of fish.

There are 3 forms of sushi; norimaki, sashimi, and nigiri.
There are so many types of fish used to make sushi.

There are roughly 14000-18000 sushi restaurants outside of Japan!(The Internationalization of Sushi)
That is a lot!
You might already have tried sushi in your own country, but you should definitely try the real Sushi in Japan!!!


There are high-class Sushi restaurants where you can talk to and see Sushi chefs slice fish and shape rice into a nice box over the counter.
The cooking scene is a part of the art form of sushi, and you should experience if you can!

There are also more reasonable sushi restaurants called “kaiten sushi” where plates of sushi come around on belt conveyor for you to choose from.




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