Table manners

There are table rules and taboos in Japanese culture.
They are different from the Western style table manners.
You don’t have to know them all, but just be aware and try to respect their rules

What are the taboos when using chopsticks?
4 (Etiquiette)

If you are not so comfortable with chopsticks, these rules might be intimidating to you.
The most important thing, however, is to enjoy the time and the food!
Don’t let these rules overwhelm you!

You also almost always should pick up a bowl of rice or soup and hold it up in your hand.
Big bowls for udon, soba or ramen noodles are to be kept on the table,
but smaller bowls are for you to hold in your left hand if you are using chopsticks with your right.


These might be overwhelming to you, but don’t worry!

There is something that is OK to do!!
It is totally OK to slurp noodles in Japan.
However, that is the only exception about making slurping noise at the table.
You should NOT make noise while chewing up any other food.




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