Medical care in Japan ~A page from a Travel guide book (2)

This page is from a travel guide book for those who want to visit Japan.
Although it contains good point, it clearly needs FURTHER explanation.


Doctors sometimes seem reluctant to treat foreign patients???

Some international travelers have reported that they experienced this in Japan.

Why would doctors in Japan be reluctant to treat foreign patients???

Possible reasons include…

1) Doctors in Japan are not always comfortable in speaking in English.

2) Doctors and hospitals are not used getting patients without medical insurance, since all the Japanese citizens have medical insurance.
As foreign patients have to pay total medical fees out of pocket, the total might be a large amount of money!
Doctors and hospitals want to make sure that they can collect all the medical fees.


The main reasons are “language” and “money”.

Then, what can international travelers do to get treatment from doctors in Japan?

★Show your medical/travel insurance first.

★Bring an interpreter who can help you communicate with the doctors and nurses.

If you need a trained medical interpreter, we have a group of professional medical interpreters ready and willing to help you!
Contact us ahead of time!
Let us help you!!

E-mail us at

日本では、「医師や病院側が外国人患者を快く受け入れない」ということが 観光ガイドに書いてあります。
言語と金銭的な問題が 危惧されてのことであると思います。
保険を提示したり 通訳の同伴で 病院側も安心して受け入れてくれるでしょう。



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