You can find taxi anywhere in a city in Japan.
They come in many different colors, such as yellow, green, white or black.

You might need to get a taxi when you want to go from one place to another!

Train system is great in Japan, and you can get to basically any location by train or bus in major cities.

However, you might not want to figure out how to get there by trains since you probably have to take one train and transfer to another one and such.

If you are not used to taking a public transportation, the idea of taking trains might be too intimidating and troublesome.

The taxi is another great way to get to wherever you want to go, even without worrying about how you can get there!!

Taxi drivers in Japan are very polite, and the taxi fare is calculated automatically by meter and displayed in the front of the car.
You don’t need to worry about getting charged a ridiculous amount of fee when you get off!

This international taxi app(Uber)might be also helpful if you are worried about communicating with a taxi driver in non-Japanese!

You put your destination when you ask for a driver, so the driver that picks you up already knows where you need to go!




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