Timed intercourse – the first, simple option

What is “timed intercourse”?

Timed intercourse is one of the simplest treatment options to achieve pregnancy.

It is simply to have sex around the time of ovulation, which is when an egg is released from one of your ovary once a month.


How can you find out When the best timing is?

Timed intercourse should be around the time your ovary release one egg, which is “ovulation”.
Sperm has to meet the egg to achieve pregnancy.

It is usually within a few days of a positive ovulation test or spike in temperature if you are charting your basal body temperature (BBT).

It does not have to be right on the day of ovulation.
Since sperm are said to live for up to 72 hours, it is recommended to try from 3 days before the ovulation.

You could use ovulation test, chart your BBT, or visit your OBGYN to check when you are ovulating.

Can you really get pregnancy from timed intercourse?

The study found that only 13% could correctly identify the days of the menstrual cycle when they could become pregnant, and 68% believed they had accurately timed intercourse before seeking professional help.

妊娠するためには 排卵日の数日前から 夫婦生活を持つことで妊娠の可能性を高めることができます。
排卵検査薬、基礎体温表、産婦人科での診察で 排卵日を確認することができますね。



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