Medical care in Japan ~A page from a Travel guide book (1)

This page is from a travel guide book for those who want to visit Japan.
Although it contains good point, it clearly needs FURTHER explanation.

You can get better medical care at bigger hospitals such as university hospitals in Japan??

Although this is not completely wrong….
it is NOT recommended to go to a large hospital to seek medical care unless it is an emergency situation.

Smaller clinics can provide proper medical service anywhere in Japan.
When it comes to rare disease, emergency care, and treating international patients,
larger hospitals and university hospitals might be more equipped.

If it is a serious situation and you need extensive medical care, call 119 for emergency medical service.

If you need to see a specialist who is very skilled in a specific area or treatment that you are interested in,
you need a reference from your doctor first!!!

If you caught a cold or even a flu,
you don’t go to a university hospital.
You can go to a local clinic.

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「日本では、クリニックよりも 大学病院や総合病院のような大きな病院で治療を受ける方がよい」と書いてあるのです。
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