Waiting area … Machiai-shitsu

The first area that you walk into in the hospital is usually “waiting area”.

There are couches, chairs or benches for you to sit on while you wait.

1There might be TV, magazines, newspapers, and book for your entertainment somewhere in the waiting room, too.
Skim through them, and enjoy what you see!
They are not for you to take home, so make sure to put them back when you are done.

There might be vending machine or water/drink server.
They might be for cheaper price or even free of charge!


Since people in Japan don’t usually interact very much with each other in hospital’s waiting area, the waiting room is usually pretty calm and quiet.
People might not be feeling well, so be mindful of that too.

Many people take their books to read or their computer or smartphone to work while they wait.

Patients are there waiting for their turns to be called in for consultation with their doctor.
Relax and entertain yourself until your name is called out.





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